How my latest project has enabled me to do (nearly) everything in a web browser

Years ago when my job changed significantly to a “coach”, I toyed with a bizarre concept at the time, “Could do everything for this job, on an iPad?”

It was a fair question, since I…

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How a guided experience delivered high conversion and a new revenue stream

In the spring of 2017 I was asked to help experiment with what paid traffic could bring to a cosmetic treatment review and connection website. There was an initial budget that wasn’t expected to make returns, so the…

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Leadership to me is a simple thing that is frequently misunderstood.

It is being mindful of the challenges and types while putting the most effort into being of service. I try to construct the right environments for co-workers to grow their capacity and succeed as a team. I try to…

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Getting people to related info isn’t difficult, when you put the right work into figuring out how.

This is a project story about the importance of visual web site navigation and the techniques I used to empathize with my audience, find the problems, and design solutions.

  • A company wonders why…
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Whether your store is brick & mortar, online, or both — this is what you’ll need in the foreseeable future to thrive in this culture.

I think we’re at a new turning point in the sale of physical things to individuals. If we’re going to keep buying our own things…

This is my mental menu of principles that define how I approach Experience Design and Agile work.

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Principles of work

Principles are what I use to ground my decisions. I ask myself, “Will this activity support one or more of my principles? Can it do so without detracting from any? If so, is…

Part 2 of how I work, describing the practices I’ve used throughout my career.

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Menu of activities

For design projects, one or more of the following activities might be appropriate. For some of the most ambiguous and high scale projects, all of them might be necessary.

How do I decide what is a…

with User Experience Design

This is about the productivity boost of two people with different skill sets working as “driver” and “observer” together. This boost is counter-intuitive because traditional logic wants us to believe that two people working on one task is slower than two people working on different tasks…

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Strategic thinking has come to the forefront of necessity at times for me, in various workplaces over the years in the following ways:

  • Immediate and long term audience behavior
  • Migration work
  • Revenue models
  • Workflow transition

While this has not traditionally been indended for the roles I was hired for, it…

Hoby Van Hoose

Experience Designer

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